Setting up Microsoft Outlook Express SLT

Configuration – Email

Setting up Microsoft Outlook Express
Select the outlook icon on the task bar and double click

1. select “Tools”
2. Select “Account”
3. Select “Mail”
4. Select “Add…Mail”
5. Display Name: “Your Name…Next”
6. “E-mail address: Your e-Mail Address…”Next”
7. Incoming Mail (POP3) server…
8. Outgoing mail (SMTP) server……”Next”
9. Account Name: “Your e-Mail Address”
10. Password: “Your password…Click “Remember Password”…..Next…Finish”
11. Select “Set as default”
12. Select “Close”
13. Go to step 1,2 & step3
14. Select “Your account”
15. Select “Properties…Servers”
16. Select “My server requires authentication” under Outgoing mail server.
17. Click “Settings”
18. Click “Logon using”
19. Account Name: “Your e-Mail Address”
20. Password: “Your password…Click “Remember Password”…..Ok…Ok….Close”
21. Go to step 1 & step2…Select “All”
22. Select “Your account”
23. Select “Properties…Connection”
24. Select “Dial up network…Select “Apply”…OK”

Configuring Mail Delivery Option

1.Open Microsoft Outlook Express
2.Select “Tools”
3.Select “Accounts”
4.Select “Mail”
5.Select you SLTNet account
6.Select “properties”
7.Select “Advanced”
8.Uncheck “Leave a copy of messages on server” if it is already selected, else leave it as it is.
9.Select “Apply”
10.Select “OK”
11.Select “Close” of Internet Accounts Window


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